Hello there, and welcome to my blog.

Let me tell you right away: this is a blog about music. I see it as a composer's blog, or more accurately, a producer's blog.

I use these pages to document the process of creating my first solo music album.

It is also a place where I record my insights on creativity, recording, sampling, composing, and everything related to the music production process in the digital age.

My insights are freely captured as they come. The word "free" is key here.

I spent the first part of my modest solo career composing music for media, mainly animations. Then, one day I got fed up with being dependent on an "outside" stimulus to create.

That is how the idea of recording my first solo album came about.

And I see this blog as a tool to help me on the way, to give voice to the artist inside.

Hopefully, the artist will regularly have something to say.