Track 1 - Exploring the initial idea

It all started with me playing around on the Rhodes Piano, which pops up as the default instrument when creating a new instrument track in Logic Pro. I started plucking four chords instinctively and they sounded interesting. It was a breeze to add some drums using the Logic Pro's Drummer feature. With the initial four chords, the "disco" style drums just felt natural.  I also threw in a groovy bass line that I absolutely loved and a basic synth sound from which I created a melodic line.  Everything just clicked instantly. I named the project "Discoi", as a rarely start with a name when creating a track. Was I planning to create a retro disco beat when I faced the blank page? Not at all!

The drum beat:

Those four bars of music simply came together in a way that hooked me right away. I can't quite explain it, but the sound was incredibly catchy. The drums meshed perfectly with the composition. So, I decided to stick with it. It had this cool disco reef vibe that just sounded right. From that point on, I knew I wanted to build on that concept. 

However, moving forward with the creation proved a bit tricky. Should this segment be the start of the song or a chorus? To explore these possibilities, I simply copied and pasted those four bars four times, transforming them into a more prominent chorus-like section. It sounded good.

Whenever I try to compose music, my approach has always to compose parts for a band. The structure of the track always follows the classic pattern, as many songs do. I always think of what the chorus would be like, will there be a bridge, and how the parts of the verse should sound. It seems that it is something I still cannot escape. This is probably something to experiment with for the next songs.

When I started to develop this idea, I was seeing the inital part as a chorus. However, by developing the other parts of the song, it started to feel more natural to use the part as a main theme. The theme will be introduced very early in the beginning and repeated throughout the song. 

Many times the short piece of music that is the idea behind a song comes very quickly for me. The main trick is how to transform that into a song. Until now, this is the part where I struggled the most, defining the structure of the song with the chord progressions. I guess a lot of people do. Especially people who are creating music on their own. 

I started the song on the 13th of June 2023. The structure was finished on July 1st. 

I will stop here for now since the initial idea was transformed into a track structure. 

Next step, I need to work on bringing the different track parts together. I also need to develop the melodic part of the song, which is minimal at this point.